Czechia to send 62 million CZK to help tackle migration

The Czech Interior Ministry has allocated 57 million CZK for the prevention of illegal migration and the protection of refugees. Another five million will be sent to Mauritania as part of the Medevac humanitarian program.

The Czech government has approved financial aid to several countries based on different criteria. As the security situation in Libya deteriorates, the negative impact on the migration crisis in the Mediterranean is obvious. Therefore, the Czech Interior Ministry decided to send 25 million CZK within the Aid in the Place program to Libya. The same amount of money will be sent to Niger, which faces a large number of incoming refugees. According to the Ministry, both projects will help more than 50,000 refugees.

"It is important to provide help on the spot. It is the most effective way to tackle migration. Ensuring a functioning infrastructure, healthcare and educational support are some of the things that can help prevent refugees from heading to Europe," said Jan Hamáček, Minister of the Interior.

The Czech Republic will also send seven million CZK to help Syrian child refugees in Jordan. "With this donation, the Czech Republic will support the education of Syrian children, helping 2,800 children as well as their families," added Klára Dlubalová, spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry.

On Monday, the Czech government also approved a project to improve healthcare in the Mbera refugee camp in Mauritania. Within the Medevac humanitarian program, Czechia authorized financial aid of five million CZK. According to the Interior Ministry, more than 57,000 refugees from Mali live in the camp.

This year, the total budget of the Aid in the Place program is 150 million CZK. The Czech Interior Ministry provides financial support either directly, through EU programs or international organizations.

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