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Europe is about to commit demographic suicide

Data published by Eurostat suggests that European women don´t have enough children to keep the European population alive. To avert climate change, some women have decided not to burden the Earth by giving birth. But is having children really a crime against Mother Nature?

According to Eurostat, it is necessary for every woman to have at least 2.1 children to maintain the European population. However, at present, the birth rate in Europe is way below this threshold. On a European scale, the average is 1.58 children per woman, in Czechia, it is even lower, only 1.57 children per woman.

The motivation for future mothers in the form of financial contributions is inadequate and, moreover, European women are also looking for different reasons not to give birth. In many cases, they have accepted the idea of ​​saving the planet by not having children. They do not want to burden the planet by giving birth.

As an example, British singer Blythe Pepin founded an organization called BirthStrike that associates people who refuse to have children. The planet, in her opinion, is heading for overpopulation because of newly-born children. Similarly, in her book, German Verena Brunschweiger says that having a child is the worst one can do to the environment. In the USA, the leftist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stands behind a similar idea.

There are more similar views. New York Times's Kate Galbright is trying to prove scientifically that every year, more than 12 tons of carbon dioxide is emitted by each child. But such views are not new. Fifty years ago, the predictions of the Roman Club about the end of humanity appeared. They argued that humanity had been running out of resources, especially oil and gas. Due to the increasing consumption of these resources it may still occur, but this prediction is yet to be realized.

Humanity is investing in research and development of new technologies. Technical progress has solved many of the problems that seemed insoluble in the past. So why intimidate future parents and discourage them from the desire to have children? Having children should be a free choice. It is natural for animals to beget offspring, and for the human community, their upbringing is one of the most useful missions in life.

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