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Europe must not take back its foreign fighters

U.S. President Donald Trump called on European countries to take back its citizens, who have joined the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Trump talked about some 800 ISIS jihadists detained in north Syria, among which are also European citizens. Then, there are hundreds of women with European passports living in the region, who are or were jihadists’ partners. Even though it seems like there is nothing to consider as the security risk would be too high, Europe is acting suicidal again and agreed to take some of those people back.

It’s hard to prove that they’ve killed anyone or helped jihadists. Also, given the chaos in the region, adequate legal help cannot be ensured. At the same time, detaining hundreds or thousands of people is extremely costly and challenging for local authorities. Thus, they might very well be released, and some will return to Europe.

Their ‘elimination’ cannot be ruled out as well, but that would be against all the conventions, despite the fact we are at war, and they don’t deserve mercy. Nevertheless, Europe shouldn’t take those people back, because some of them would, if at large, they threaten our security.

The situation of women and children of European jihadists is even more difficult. There are 700 women and 1,500 children detained in Syrian camps. The problem is, those numbers include potentially dangerous fanatics. As estimated by the Globsec think-tank, 13 percent of ISIS jihadists were women.

We’ve learned from trials with Nazis and Communists, European justice cannot punish someone without proper evidence. Secret services alert that around 10 percent of European foreign fighters want to continue their fight in their countries of origin. Moreover, there were cases of repatriated jihadists who committed a terrorist attack.

Europe underestimated radicalization of a part of its Muslim citizens. Due to political correctness and multiculturalism, it wasn’t properly discussed and tackled in the past. And it hit us like an insolvable boomerang.

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