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Kiska visits Prague

Czech President Miloš Zeman welcomed Slovak President Andrej Kiska at Lány castle, the seat of Czech presidents, at the beginning of Kiska's last official foreign visit.

Among other things, Kiska stressed that the V4 countries should support Maroš Šefčovič´s candidacy for the post of the President of the European Commission.

“I believe that our region needs a strong representative in European structures, and I am convinced that Mr. Šefčovič is an experienced diplomat. I think the Visegrad countries should support his candidacy,” Kiska said.

Zeman stated that even though Šefčovič did not succeed in the Slovak presidential elections this year, he has the opportunity to seize a post in one of the EU institutions.

After his presidency is over this June, Kiska plans to form a political party. "If people think that Slovakia needs change after 12 years of one-party rule, it has to be done," commented Kiska on the political climate in Slovakia. According to him, all democratic forces in the country must be brought together. It is also necessary to ensure that this cooperation does not fail because of the egoism of individual politicians.

Zeman wished Kiska a lot of success in his future political career. He warned him that he would have the most enemies in his political party.

The two presidents also praised their cooperation while in office. Zeman said that despite differences in opinions, they always respected each other and held friendly and factual discussions.

“The important thing is that we always trusted each other and never stepped against each other. I'll miss you, Andrej,” Zeman concluded.

Kiska told Zeman to keep up the good spirits. “Our age is not easy, and the voice of the president is very important. I wish everyone listens to him better. I will certainly tell my successor (Zuzana Čaputová) that she can look forward to a very pleasant and friendly reception in Prague,” said the Slovak president.

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