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PM Babiš to meet von der Leyen on Monday

On Monday, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš will be the third leading representative of a European state to meet Ursula von der Leyen.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) will meet the next President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Monday. He will be the third European leader to meet von der Leyen officially. On Tuesday she met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, and on Thursday she visited Poland.

"It is a great success that we got such an early meeting," PM Babiš said. “I spoke to Mrs. von der Leyen twice on the phone, and I will meet her in person for the first time on Monday. I want to talk to her about the candidate for the post of European Commissioner for the Czech Republic, and to explain to her what portfolio would be interesting for the Czech Republic,” the Prime Minister said, adding that he would prefer to obtain a digital, internal market or trade portfolio for the Czech Republic. "We want a different one than Mrs. Jourová ran until now," he added.

Věra Jourová, the current European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, is also a candidate for the post of the European Commissioner in the EC under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen. “She's successful; she did her job well. And she's a woman, which is an advantage. I suppose that one nominee for the Czech Republic will suffice. I will try to get the best portfolio for her,” concluded PM Babiš.

Ursula von der Leyen had previously stated that she wants an equal representation of men and women in the new EC, which is supposed to start its term in November.


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