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Prague and Brno ranked in 10 best student cities worldwide

A survey by Quacquarelli Symonds has found that students rank Brno and Prague as two of the best student cities in the world.

Brno placed sixth in the rankings thanks to the high population-student ratio. According to the official website of Brno´s Masaryk University, the number of students has increased since last year. Almost 32,000 students now attend the university, with about 1,600 from abroad.

Prague placed eighth in the ranking. According to students, it is also one of the most affordable cities. Prague was also more successful than London and New York.

The top student city in the world fell upon Munich, Germany. Last year´s winner Montreal, Canada placed second, and Melbourne, Australia ranked third.

Candidates on the list of the best student cities have to meet certain conditions. Firstly, the city´s population has to exceed 250,000 people. Secondly, at least two important facilities have to operate nearby. According to the latest estimates, 125 cities qualify to be considered as a candidate.

The opinions of students, which are the most significant part of the ratings, are divided into two main categories. The first is focused on cultural activities, i.e. their affordability and "friendliness". The second reflects on whether students leave the city immediately after graduating or whether they stay for at least a year.

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