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A record quarter of Germany´s population is of migratory origin

According to the German Statistical Office, every fourth (25.5 percent) inhabitant of the country is rooted abroad. Last year, the number of people with a migrant background rose to nearly 21 million.

The German Statistical Office considers German inhabitants to have a migrant background if they were not born in Germany or have at least one parent, who is not German native.

According to the statistics, less than 14 million people with a migrant background were not born in Germany as they immigrated there during their lives. Almost every other person decided to move to Germany because of family issues, while every fifth person came to Germany to work there. For 15 percent of those with a migrant background, the main reason for coming to Germany was to obtain asylum. Altogether, there are almost 21 million people of foreign origin in Germany, which accounts for 25.5 percent of the country´s 83 million inhabitants.

The statistics further show that 72 percent of immigrants who came to Germany for family reasons is originally from one of the European countries. In the case of labor migration, the number of people with such origin is even higher as it reaches 85 percent. Nearly half (47 percent) of all immigrants came to Germany from the Middle East stating seeking asylum as a reason for coming to the country. The origin of people who registered in Germany for education reasons is more diverse as 40 percent of those immigrants come from Europe, and 38 percent come from Asia.

The data also show that more than half (52 percent) of inhabitants with migrant backgrounds own a German passport, while 48 percent are considered foreigners.

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