Zeman: EU shouldn’t interfere in V4 internal affairs

The EU’s efforts to interfere in internal affairs of the Visegrad countries are pointless and is only alienating them from the other member states, President Zeman said after the meeting with his V4 counterparts in High Tatras.

The Czech President reacted to the European Parliament’s recommendation of a sanction process against Hungary. According to Zeman, the V4 presidents’ summit in Slovakia upheld a unity of the Visegrad Group. He said that together the group is strong, and only together will they be able to push things through within the EU.

Zeman believes there would still be migrant quotas if it wasn’t for the united approach of the V4. Leaders of Hungary and Poland also defended the Visegrad approach regarding migration. János Áder reminded that we must protect the external borders of the EU and fund the countries where immigrants are coming to Europe.

Duda added that the V4 countries were right when they pushed for help for migrants in their countries of origin. 

Zeman spoke in favor of a higher minimum wage to motivate people to work and supported the reduction of social benefits to prevent a situation where many would rather live on benefits than work.

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