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Budapest railway workshop hosts Mozart opera

A 19th century railway workshop begins a new life as a location for the Budapest Opera House with the premiere of Mozart’s unfinished Goose of Cairo.

With the majestic Budapest Opera House undergoing a major renovation, the company made virtue out of necessity by inaugurating its new location – the so-called Eiffel Hall – with the premiere of Mozart’s unfinished Goose of Cairo.

As Mozart only finished seven of the ten musical numbers of the first act, the opera is a favourite for directors’ free interpretations. The Hungarian version premiered, is – like many other performances – a “pasticcio”, meaning a production sewing together excerpts from several of Mozart’s works.

The so-called “Eiffel Hall”, a former railway workshop built in 1886 which at the time was the country’s largest industrial building – has no real connection to French architect Gustave Eiffel. It was only named after him by virtue of its support structure using the same technology as the Eiffel Tower – steel beams riveted together.

Title image: Mozart premiere at the Eiffel Workshop (MTI/Zsolt Szigetvári)

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