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Greece demands EUR 299 billion in war reparations from Germany

Greece is demanding a total of 299 billion euros from Germany in damages to the country during the Axis occupation, Magyar Nemzet reports.

The total claim is made up of two separate items: EUR 288 billion in damages caused by the occupation itself and a EUR 11 billion loan that the Greek Central Bank was forced to give Germany to finance the North African campaign.

This amount was arrived at by a special commission of the Greek parliament which reviewed the case over a three-year period. Following the decision of the Greek parliament, the government will use all diplomatic and legal means to enforce the claim, speaker of parliament Nikos Vucis said.

This, however, is an impossibly long shot as Germany regards the issue as long been settled.

“Commenting on the Wednesday vote, Germany's government spokesman Steffen Seibert acknowledged Germany's responsibility for the occupation.

"We are, and I hope you can believe us, aware of our historic responsibility," government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in the wake of the Greek decision. However, he also said that the issue of reparations had been "conclusively settled, both legally and politically."

West Germany paid Greece 115 million marks in war reparations in 1960 and they also signed the four plus two treaty regulating the reunification of Germany in 1990, which said Germany owes no further war reparations.

Greece is not the only one demanding war reparations from Germany. Last June Poland’s de facto most powerful politician, Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the Law and Justice Party said Germany should pay EUR 850 billion to his country for wartime property damages and the loss of lives

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