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Hungarian cake makes debut in India

A traditional Hungarian sweet, the chimney cake has finally set foot in India, Hungarian news portal Origo reports.

Indian entrepreneurs, husband and wife Saira and Mohammed Shafi discovered the delicacy while visiting Budapest and decided to open a chimney cake shop in their town of Chennai (formerly known as Madras).

Inline image: (Kurtos_Madras.jpg) The owners of the Chimney cake bakery in Chennai, India (Kurtos Madras Facebook page)

The chimney cake is a traditional sweet in both Hungary and Transylvania. It is made of raised dough wrapped around a slightly conical tin tube and baked over charcoal while basted in melted butter and sprinkled with sugar.

In its modern interpretation, it has various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, coconut shavings or almost anything human imagination can stretch to.

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