Budapest Rabbinical Seminary

Hungarian President appoints new rector of Budapest rabbinical seminary

Hungarian President János Áder appointed professor Károly Varga as the new rector of the Budapest Rabbinical Seminary on April 17th.

Varga (50) has a PhD in general literature from ELTE University and his main field of study is hermeneutics, the theory and methodology of interpretation, especially the interpretation of biblical texts, wisdom literature, and philosophical texts.

The institution, officially named the Budapest University of Jewish Studies, was opened in 1877, a few decades after the first European rabbinical seminaries had been built in Padua, Metz, Paris and Breslau. Still, it remains the oldest existing institution in the world where rabbis are graduated.

Budapest Rabbinical Seminary

Inline image caption: The Budapest Rabbinical Seminary in 1902

Title image: Hungarian President János Áder (R) hands Prof. dr. Károly Varga his appointment of rector of the Budapest Rabbinical Seminary

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