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Hungary and Poland see poor apple crops

After last year’s record crop where some apples weren’t even harvested due to oversupply, this year the apple crop in Poland and Hungary could fall by half, creating a sellers’ market.

Poland – Europe’s largest apple producer, growing almost one third of all apples on the continent – expects an apple harvest of 2 to 2.5 million tons, half of what it was last year and only 60 percent of the average harvest.

In Hungary the situation is almost the same: the Hungarian Apple Council sees a crop of 450,000 tons compared with 900,000 tons last year and about 600,000 tons in an average year.

The council also warned that despite last year’s bumper crop, industrial apple processing companies have little to no reserves and the demand will drive prices higher, especially in conjunction with the poor Polish crop.

The situation is pretty much the same in neighboring Romania, Europe’s third largest producer with an 11 percent share, just behind Italy with 12 percent.

Title image: Apples and apple chips (illustration)

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