Kövér: EU leaders disregard their people

People in Western Europe are realizing that the political elite underestimates and disregards them, Hungarian Speaker of the House László Kövér said in an interview with Magyar Katolikus Rádió.

Kövér said in the interview he was optimistic about the outcome of next year's European elections.

"I expect that after the elections the European Parliament will begin its work in a new composition and will be much more amenable to Hungary and the interests represented by the country," Kövér said. He added that the assumption that the trends that began two years ago will last at least until the elections is a realistic one. Asked what would happen if - despite the expectations - pro-migration forces would acquire a majority in the European Parliament, he said "in short, (that would be) a major problem", adding that conservative politics does not have a plan B for such an outcome.

He said the Western European democracy model is in crisis and election results indicate that voters are looking for alternatives to the traditional parties. Kövér said that in their attempts to create consensus, center right and center left forces have by now essentially merged and are unable to find solutions to the problems life is throwing at them all the time while people are very much preoccupied by these problems.

He said all those who accuse Hungary of not being a democracy are "speaking nonsense" and only show their intellectual inadequacy. He said freedom of opinion and diverging opinions are much more present in the Hungarian press than in the so-called "excellent democracies".

Asked about the situation of the ethnic Hungarian minorities in neighboring countries, he said the situation in the Ukraine was complex and democratic tradition was lacking there. Despite remaining problems, Slovakia and Serbia are both showing more sensitivity to the issues of national minorities. In Romania, however, the prolonged domestic political crisis could at any moment trigger the use of the "Hungarian card" to which Hungary will have to respond appropriately.

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