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Kuchciński: V4 establishes unity which creates strength

The heads of parliaments of the Visegrad Four are holding their meeting in Poprad, Slovakia. The Polish Marshal of the Sejm, Marek Kuchciński encouraged the V4 to “speak with one voice” on parliamentary matters.

“When it comes to finalizing preparations to constitutionalize authorities in the European Parliament and the European Union, I will encourage my colleagues and heads of parliaments, for the Visegrad Group to speak with one voice, or at least a close one, also in the parliamentary dimension,” Kuchciński explained prior to the meeting. 

The Polish Speaker underlined that wherever the V4 appears together it “establishes unity and that creates strength.”

Kuchciński emphasized the strength of the V4’s voice and how it has far reaching effects in the EU: “Others want to join us, they look up to us as an example. This is an opportunity which cannot be wasted.”

The main subject of Thursday’s meeting was the situation following the elections to the EP. 

This is the last V4 meeting under Slovakian leadership, which will last until the end of June. Czechia will take over the leadership of the group in July.

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