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Netflix adapts another Polish sci-fi novel

Netflix has announced that it is reaching for yet another Polish fantasy and science fiction novel to adapt into a series, this time it will be “The Old Axolotl” by Jacek Dukaj. The new series will be titled “Into the Night”.

The series is not meant to be a completely faithful adaption like in the case of “The Witcher”, but rather an “inspired” project and will take inspiration from one of the episodes of the novel. 

The TV series is meant to be a story about how to retain humanity in the face of a cosmic catastrophe in a world, where the boundaries between man and machine have been erased. The plot will take place on board an airplane which is trying to avoid the destructive force of the Sun by searching for places of darkness on Earth.

The series will host an international cast from Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Russia and Turkey. 

Aside from the author Jacek Dukaj, famous Polish animator and director Tomasz Bagiński will be involved in the production process. One of the show-runners of the famous series “Narcos” is also part of the production team.

Bagiński shared some more light about the project on his Facebook page, complimenting the density and depth of Dukaj’s work and emphasizing the international aspect of the production.

“Imagined in Poland, fine-tuned in the USA, written in English and recorded in French by Belgian directors in Bulgaria. This is an international project because it deals with an international issue. The solar apocalypse does not care about nationalities, birthplace or social status. It kills anyone,” Bagiński wrote.

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