"PiS Five" supported by opposition voters

Many supporters and voters of the Polish opposition are in favor of the postulates in the “PiS Five”, claims a survey by research panel Ariadna.

92 percent of PiS voters are in favor of the social benefit programs, as are 48 percent of Civic Platform supporters. 58 percent of all those surveyed support the expansion of the child benefit program to include firstborn children. 75 percent who support PiS approve of it and 55 percent of PO voters support the idea.

The abolishment of an income tax for people below the age of 26 is an idea supported by 63 percent of those surveyed. 84 percent of PiS voters are in favor, as are 63 percent of PO’s. 

The overall lowering of the income tax from 18 to 17 percent is supported by an overwhelming total of 84 percent. 94 percent are PiS supporters and 75 percent are of PO. 

The retirement benefits program is favored by 73 percent of all those polled, with 89 percent supporting PiS and 72 percent claiming to vote for PO.

Another 73 percent like the idea of increasing local bus connections, with 89 percent siding with PiS and 60 percent being PO voters.

PiS MP Łukasz Schreiber shared the results of the survey on twitter:

“This might be the real reason for such an allergic reaction of some to the “Kaczyński Five”.

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