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PM Morawiecki announces help for farmers affected by drought

The Polish government will make additional payments of PLN 1,000 for each hectare affected by drought if losses exceed 70 percent, PM Mateusz Morawiecki announced.

PM Morawiecki emphasized that the Polish state cannot leave farmers in need. “In our economic plan and plan for responsible development, it is Polish agriculture which takes a prime place,” he said.

He explained during the “Grateful to the Polish Countryside” festivities, that the state must be a shield which will help the Polish farmers in times of need.

The PM referred to the Polish countryside as a place in whose “traditions and independence was preserved” and that the Polish traditions passed on to future generations by farmers is a “beautiful beam in which Polish values are hidden.”

He also added that the Polish future is built on tradition and that the government will work on small-town and villages to be more attractive to citizens.

“We want a great future for the Polish countryside, so that the Poland of small towns and villages attract people and not depopulated,” he stressed. 

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