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Poland to have no budget deficit in 2020

The state budget for 2020 is forecasted to be equalized for the first time since Poland’s economic transformations of 1989. “This would be a historic moment,” claims Chief of the PM’s Chancellery Michał Dworczyk.

According to sources close to the government, Rzeczpospolita daily claims that the state budget for 2020 will be equalized for the first time in 30 years. This means that the government will not have to borrow money to cover all necessary costs and spending. Until now, all state budgets were based on a deficient when it came to projects and their execution.

Dworczyk underlined that although this information is yet to be verified on Tuesday by Parliament, it would be a “historic moment” if the information was confirmed.

He also referred to the opinions of liberal economists associated with the Civic Platform, who claimed that PiS’ solidarity programs would have a negative impact on the economy. Dworczyk emphasized that the predictions of these economists were “missed”.

The Chief of the PM’s Chancellery added that one of the main reasons for the improvements in the state budget is the government’s effort to improve the tax system, as well as combating crimes concerning VAT and gas mafias.

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