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Poland signs 5G declaration with the United States

PM Mateusz Morawiecki and US Vice President Mike Pence have signed the “Joint Declaration of Poland and the United States of America on 5G” pact, which is set to improve national security and deepen Polish-American cooperation through 5G network connections.

“By taking into consideration that the safe fifth generation mobile technology (5G) will have fundamental meaning for the prosperity, as well as national security, Poland and the United States declare a desire to increase cooperation in terms of 5G,” reads the declaration signed by Morawiecki and Pence on Monday in Warsaw. 

5G will offer a broader choice of new applications, including public services which are to beneficial to Poles and Americans alike. What’s more, the increased data in 5G networks is meant to improve cross-border trade.

The declaration also emphasized the importance of protecting connection networks of the next generation from disruptions and manipulation, as well as ensuring the privacy of citizens. 

The close examination and evaluation of components and producers of software was also written into the declaration. This is meant to check whether “a provider is controlled by a foreign power without the possibility to refer to an independent court.”

These new background checks are also necessary to see whether a provider has a clear property structure, has been ethical in their corporate proceedings and if they are subject to a legal order which ensures clarity in the company’s activity.

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