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Scam of the century

Even the Germans are beginning to realize that the refugee crisis is fake, a piece of social engineering powered by George Soros’ billions, argues blogger Andrzej 111 on

The main beneficiaries of the so-called migration crisis, which has been induced by social engineering advocates supported by George Soros, are human trafficking mafias and criminal elements from Africa and the Middle East who want to sponge off guilt-ridden Europeans.

It is worth noting that this attempt to form a new Europe is being supported by ideological movements such as LGBT, who seem to be unaware that they are behaving like turkeys calling for an early Christmas. They want Islam to combat Christianity, but it would not stop there.

It is understandable, given their history, that the Germans have a feeling of guilt and have therefore decided to be more humanitarian than the rest of Europe. Angela Merkel opened the door to the new settlers, but it soon transpired that she had miscalculated the costs and attempted to share her guests with the rest of Europe. But Central Europe remained sober, at first it caused some tension in the EU, but finally the Germans got the message.

German Interior minister Horst Seehofer threatened to remove refugee status for those who went back to Syria for their holidays. He rightly says that “any Syrian refugee who regularly visits Syria cannot seriously claim that he is facing persecution there”.

According to Bild, holidaying by Syrian refugees in their homeland is a mass phenomenon and there are travel bureaus who specialize in offering this service. But they return in time to claim their benefit entitlements in Germany. Poles used to believe Germans to be a wise and practical nation we could learn from. Now we’re not so sure.

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