Commentary Sziget

Umbrella Man climbs Ferris wheel at Sziget Festival

Hungary’s mysterious Umbrella Man – clad in a black tuxedo, wearing a black face mask and a top hat and his trademark black umbrella – has made another appearance, this time on top of the 65-meter-high Ferris wheel temporarily installed at the Sziget Festival in Budapest.

The Umbrella Man has in recent years climbed several Budapest landmarks – including bridges and the Buda Castle – and is becoming one of the Hungarian capital’s quirkier attractions.

He is, of course, a stuntman, part of the “Balance project” artistic initiative led by award-winning Hungarian photographer Péter Kálló.

“A balanced man radiates an impalpable force. He is the master of his body and mind. He is an example. He shows the direction to those who want to walk the same path,” Kálló said about the project.

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