Afghan rapist released without prison time is being described as a ‘scandal’ in German press

By John Cody
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After an Afghan rapist confessed to raping a 16-year-old and sexually assaulting five other women, the judge argued the migrant was “in principle well integrated” into German society and was released without prison time. A number of press outlets are now decrying the case as a scandal and describing it as symptomatic of Germany’s immigration system, with the man not only destroying young women’s lives but also freely taking a vacation in Afghanistan despite his numerous sexual assaults.

“The then 16-year-old rape victim is still suffering today, is in therapy and will suffer from it for the rest of her life. How does one, as a judge, come up with the idea of ​​praising the perpetrator as a ‘model example’ of integration. How must that affect the victims? Is this judge crazy?” asked Henning Hoffgaard in his column for Junge Freiheit.

He continued: “And to add to the madness, it is revealed that the Afghan ‘refugee’ was on vacation in his home country earlier this year. What else is there to say?”

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Bild newspaper is also asking questions about the bizarre case, which was covered by Remix News, especially in regard to the man’s decision to go on vacation to Afghanistan. Despite seeking asylum in Germany, the man took a holiday in Afghanistan, flying to the country in 2022. When he returned in January 2023, officers arrested him at Munich Airport.

Bild notes that refugees going on vacation in their home countries is also generally forbidden, writing that “the German asylum law’s Article 73 states that anyone who voluntarily returns ‘to the country that he left out of fear of persecution’ should have his protection status ‘revoked’ in Germany. This applies to recognized asylum seekers as well as to war refugees.”

Bild notes that the issue was brought to the attention of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), which is now threatening Mohammad M. with a revocation procedure and even deportation.

However, as Bild notes, the BAMF cannot even count how often refugees have made trips home in such a manner or how many of these refugees who have been caught vacationing in their home countries actually had their German residence permits withdrawn. And the chances of actually revoking someone’s protection status is unlikely. In 2022, there were 32,000 such procedures initiated by the BAMF; however, only 2,500 were actually revoked, meaning less than 10 percent.

Even more remarkably, the man who was accused of multiple sexual assaults and a rape of a 16-year-old girl only stood trial years after being accused of the first crimes. Despite his behavior, the German state did little to stop him, with the migrant accumulating a range of sexual assault charges year after year, with all the cases occurring between April 2019 and March 2022. In 2019, for example, he kissed and fondled a girl under her clothes on a park bench near a train station against her will.

However, Bild newspaper interviewed Mohammad M.’s two lawyers, who revealed the judge’s perspective. “The judge said that he is actually a prime example of how to get on well in Germany,” said the rapist’s first lawyer, while the second lawyer explained: “In principle, he is fully integrated.” The Afghan, who has not been deported despite his numerous sexual assaults, has trained to be a factory mechanic.

Hoffgaard, writing for Junge Freiheit, writes: “Anyone who comes to Germany as a migrant and then sexually assaults women in rows is not a ‘prime example’ of integration. It doesn’t matter at all whether the offender has graduated from secondary school, likes to play football, has completed an apprenticeship and is actually quite nice. As long as he’s attacking girls, this man doesn’t belong in Germany. He should never have entered. He is a danger to the general public.”

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