Die Welt: Orbán’s family policy reminiscent of National-Socialist days

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s family policy is reminiscent of the National-Socialist era, economics professor Karl Heinz Hausner writes in a column in German conservative daily Die Welt.
Commentary Russia

Negotiations with Russia over pipeline clean

Polish authorities and PKN Orlen are negotiating with the Russian side to remove dirty oil from a pipe and continue the flow through the Druzhba (Friendship) pipeline.
Commentary CIA

Details of Babiš´s CIA visit revealed

It has not yet been made clear what Babiš´s March visit to CIA headquarters was about. However, has discovered that the meeting was a security briefing about China, Russia, and the Middle East.
Commentary Flooding

Flooding in southern Poland

PM Mateusz Morawiecki travelled to the Małopolskie Voivodship to assemble a crisis team to tackle the recent flooding in the region.
Commentary EP elections

Sakiewicz: Go and vote!

Tomasz Sakiewicz urges everyone to go out and vote in the European Parliamentary elections, because the stakes are high.

Václav Klaus attends Brexit Party meeting

Former Czech President Václav Klaus attended the London meeting of the Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage. In a speech to Brexit Party supporters, Klaus said that many Czechs share their views of the EU and expressed the wish that Brexit supporters would win the upcoming European elections.
Commentary PiS

Opinion: PiS underestimated the Confederation

Law and Justice (PiS) has underestimated the Confederation KORWiN Braun Liroy Nationalists and has let itself be attacked from the Right, says Łukasz Warzecha.
Commentary Religion

Opinion: Poland against the wall with Jewish demands

Poland is underestimating the strength of the campaign to force the Polish state to pay compensation to Jewish organizations, argues Jacek Dziedzina and draws comparisons to Switzerland in the nineties.
Commentary EP elections

Czechia´s future is connected with the EU

The Czech Republic's future is connected with the EU and the country should play an active, responsible and uniting role in the Union in the months after the European Parliamentary elections, the supreme elected officials agreed in a joint statement released after their meeting.
Commentary FIFA

FIFA U-20 World Cup comes to Poland

Poland is hosting the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup for the first time in history. Thousands of fans from across the globe will attend the event to see the most promising rising junior football stars in the world.
Commentary Economy

Poland global leader of economic growth

The OECD has raised projections for Poland’s GDP growth in 2019 and 2020. With this change, Poland has become the global leader among 36 countries comprising the organization.
Commentary Japan

Japan returns to family name first policy

In the first symbolic gesture of Japan since Emperor Naruhito ascended to the throne last month marking the beginning of the Reiwa (“beautiful harmony”) era, was to announce a return to the traditional family name first policy.
Commentary China

Hungary and China “together since the beginning"

Hungary and China have “stood side by side since the beginning” Speaker of the House László Kövér said after meeting Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in Budapest.
Commentary Christianity

Christian intellectuals support European values

Voters should support parties that stand for Christianity and Christian culture in a society that is abandoning traditional values, the Alliance of Christian Intellectuals (KÉSZ) of Hungary said in a guide to citizens in the run-up to Sunday’s European Parliament elections.
Commentary Law suit

Hungarian Dixieland band sues over name

Nearly four years after the death of its founder and following an acrimonious legal battle Hungary’s arguably most famous Dixieland orchestra, the Benkó Dixieland Band can again use its original name, news portal Origo reports.
Commentary EU

Poland’s emergency plan to reform EU

The Polish government has sent a plan to reform the European Union to Brussels. Rzeczpospolita daily reports that the document contains six challenges on which the future of a united Europe depends.
Commentary Security

Kaczyński: US military presence means a huge increase in Poland’s security

Jarosław Kaczyński believes that the permanent presence of American troops in Poland would be “a huge increase” to the country’s level of security and that is why Russia is so strongly against the plan.
Commentary Rail

V4 to be connected by high-speed rail

The Visegrad Four ministers of transport and their representatives have signed a declaration in Bratislava to connect V4 countries with high-speed train connections.
Commentary George Soros

Eco-opponents of Vistula Spit project funded by Germany and Soros

The eco protests against the excavation of the Vistula Spit have been found to be funded by George Soros and the German government, reports
Commentary Democracy

EP is a parody of democracy

During the weekend, there will be another of many elections held in the Czech Republic, but it is clear to everyone that the votes cast in Czechia will not decide much.
Family support

Czech government approves higher parental benefits

The Czech government has approved higher parental benefits for parents of newborns as well as children under four years of age, from 80,000 CZK to 300,000 CZK.
Commentary Minority rights

Hungarian and Ukrainian presidents discuss minority issues

The issue of minority rights – and language rights in particular – was in focus at a meeting between Hungarian President János Áder and Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Magyar Hírlap reports.
Commentary Ethnic minorities

Slovak flag fine in Romania

Romania is pushing its ethnic minorities to the brink of extinction with exemplary care - except for the largest, Hungarian minority, Mandiner columnist Attila Demkó writes.
Commentary Elections

PM Orbán: European elections are about Hungary

This weekend’s European elections are not about what’s happening in distant parts, but about the lives of all Hungarians, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the inauguration of an automotive industry test track in Zalaegerszeg, western Hungary.
Commentary Migration

Germany spent EUR 23 billion on migrants in 2018

Germany spent a record EUR 23 billion on migrants last year, EUR 2 billion more than in 2017, liberal-conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports.