The global migration pact is a live weapon

The global migration pact is a weapon of the global elite against sovereign nation states, Tamás Fricz writes in a Magyar Idők column.
Commentary Chaos

Great Britain, a country in the EU’s iron maiden

It was the worst defeat for any British government in history. Prime Minister Theresa May achieved something almost impossible, she angered Parliament, political parties and most of her nation at the same time. Yet, dogged attacks against the poor little May are quite unfair.
Commentary Positive trend

The Czechs are not as poor as the left say they are

In terms of income poverty, 9.1 percent of Czechs were at risk of poverty in 2017, Eurostat and the Czech Statistical Office data shows. It is the lowest among the EU28, while the Union’s average was at 16.9 percent. However, the left is undermining our good results, often using deprivation and poorness of the Czechs as an explanation as to why they vote for extreme political groups.

Mr. Klaus, thank you for a dignified divorce with the Slovaks

Former president Václav Klaus, a controversial figure for many, is widely associated with Czech economic transformation. However, he will most likely be remembered for something else, the divorce of Czechoslovakia, which was in historical context unbelievably quiet and dignified.
Commentary Low knowledge

Most Czechs don’t know their MEPs

Most Czechs don't know who the Czech Members of the European Parliament are, according to a STEM October poll. It showed that of the 21 MEPs, the best-known are Pavel Telicka, Jiri Pospisil, Jan Zahradil, Evzen Tosenovsky, Miroslav Poche, Michaela Sojdrova and Jaromir Stetina.

Magyar Telekom sends bill to its own public phone

Hungary's leading telecom company, Magyar Telekom mistakenly sent a phone bill to one of its own public phones.

Scandalous poster spreads across the internet

A scandalous poster depicting Law and Justice chairman Jarosław Kaczyński’s face as part of a knife handle, has been spreading throughout the internet. The deputy head of the Museum of Warsaw is one of the people who shared the image.
Commentary Poland in shock

"The murder in Gdańsk had no political background," says PM's expert

Waldemar Paruch, the PM’s plenipotentiary for the Center of Strategic Analysis, argued that the murder in Gdańsk did not have a political background.

Polish and Lithuanian defense cooperation

The Polish Territorial Defense Forces (WOT) and the Lithuanian National Defense Volunteer Forces (KASP) have signed a training cooperation agreement. This is the first agreement between the Polish WOT and that of a different country.
After the murder in Gdańsk

Morawiecki calls for national unity

PM Mateusz Morawiecki calls for an improvement of public life and debate in the wake of Paweł Adamowicz’s death: “A great evil has happened. Let us try to forge it into something good. Let this be a breakthrough,” he said.

Church of Scientology sues Hungary contesting fine

The Church of Sicentology in Hungary has sued the Office of Data Protection and Information Freedom (NAIH) for a fine levied against it for breaching data protection laws.

Hungarian producer Andy Vajna dies at 75

Hungarian film producer Andy Vajna died on January 20th in his Budapest home after a long illness.

The economic and social weight of startups in the V4 countries

Piroska Szalai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Budapest Enterprise Agency, talks about the startup ecosystem as well as the economic and social weight of startups in Hungary, and in the V4 countries.

Parliamentary parties agree to fast-track Brexit bill

No Czech party will veto the speedy passage of a bill on the rights of Brits in the Czech Republic following a possible no-deal Brexit.
Commentary Safe country

The Czech Republic attracts more tourists every year

The Czech Republic is one of the safest places in the world, which helps to attract significantly more tourists each year, said Klára Dostálová, Regional Development Minister.
No winner

Damage must be avoided over Brexit

Czech MEPs agree that Tuesday's rejection of the Brexit deal by the British Parliament means continuing the uncertainty and increasing the likelihood of the UK leaving the European Union without an agreement. "Brexit without agreement would be the worst possible way – way of chaos and uncertainty for citizens and business," said Dita Charanzová, leader of the ANO movement in the European elections.
Commentary Anti-Parliament

Klaus: The more Euro-critical MEPs, the better

The EU has so far been able to start two new websites, which fortunately isn’t much, former President Václav Klaus said in an interview.

Huawei copies Budapest's Freedom Bridge

Chinese electronics giant Huawei is building its new campus north of Shenzhen which already sports a perfect replica of Budapest's Freedom Bridge.

Why do analysts keep underestimating Hungarian economic growth?

Why do most foreign analysts keep underestimating Hungarian economic growth, Ottó Gajdics asks in a column on conservative news site Magyar Idők.
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PiS will not take part in the elections to replace murdered mayor

Law and Justice (PiS) will not put a candidate forward in the by-elections for the position of Mayor of Gdańsk. Dorota Kania explains why such a decision is the best and how it will avoid unnecessary political friction.

Budapest Stock Exchange trade volume rose by 6.7% in 2018

While the BUX index of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) lost 0.6% last year, trade volume was up by 6.7%, officials said.

President Thomas Woodrow Wilson honored by Sejm

US President Thomas Woodrow Wilson has been honored by the Polish parliament. Official documents underline the contributions Wilson made to Poland’s independence in 1918, as well as declared that a statue of the president should be built in Warsaw.

Budapest to host 2021 World Hunting Expo

Organizers expect one million visitors to attend the 2021 World Hunting Expo hosted by Hungary.

Mogherini won't attend Warsaw Middle East conference

Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, will not attend the Warsaw Middle East conference. According to an EU official, she has “confirmation for a different trip” during that time.
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Falling Empire of Rationality

The British Empire of rationality has fallen. Witold M. Orłowski explains how the recent Brexit developments have ruined the UK’s image on the international arena.