Sarkozy among speakers at Budapest migration conference

Speakers at the first international migration conference include former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The conference, entitled MCC Budapest Summit on Migration, organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium, begins on Friday.

Juncker stops Czech plans to build weir on the Elbe river

In a letter to Czech Prime Minister Babiš, the European Commission President rejected a plan by the Czech government addressing environmental problems surrounding a weir construction near the North Bohemian town of Děčín.

Opposition politician refuses to apologize for portraying Kaczyński as Hitler

Adam Struzik, deputy chairman of the Polish People’s Party (PSL), the electoral ally of the liberal opposition has refused to apologize for his Twitter feed which used a photograph of Jarosław Kaczyński with a Hitler style moustache. The opposition politician denies causing offence and sent “greetings to haters and those who don’t have a sense of humor”.

Centenary of Hungary's bloodiest modern period

One hundred years ago today the Communist Republic of Councils of Hungary was proclaimed in Budapest, ushering in a blood-soaked 133 days of the rump state.
TVP Wilno

Polish public TV and government strike deal creating Polish TV in Lithuania

TVP and the Foreign Affairs ministry have signed an agreement on the creation and development of the new TVP Wilno (Vilnius) channel. The program is to begin in May and is to be expanded in the autumn.

Hungarian wages grew fastest in the EU in 2018

Hungarian gross wages rose the fastest in the European Union in 2018, according to data released by Eurostat.
War games

Rapid deployment of US soldiers to Poland

The redeployment of 1,500 US troops to Poland to take part in exercises in the north-west of the country is evidence of the American engagement in securing the eastern flank of NATO, claims Polish defense minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

Hungary secures 2020 gas imports from Russia

Hungary signed an agreement with Russia's Gazprom for the delivery of the country's natural gas needs for 2020, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szíjjártó said in Moscow.

Polish airline to seek compensation for grounding of Boeing 737 MAX planes

Polish airline LOT will demand compensation for losses incurred as a result of the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX planes.
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Europe is about to commit demographic suicide

Data published by Eurostat suggests that European women don´t have enough children to keep the European population alive. To avert climate change, some women have decided not to burden the Earth by giving birth. But is having children really a crime against Mother Nature?
Commentary EPP

A typical European People´s Party solution

The suspension of Fidesz's EPP membership, which was decided yesterday, is a remarkable compromise, but the question mark above the fate of Orbán's party has not disappeared.

Another Czech driver detained in France because of migrants

Another Czech truck driver found himself in French custody on suspicion of smuggling. Now he is free, but he will be investigated by authorities. The police patrol discovered a stowaway in his car. Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček (ČSSD) and MEP Tomáš Zdechovský (KDU-ČSL) intervened in the case.

Babiš criticizes EU over Brexit

Czech PM Babiš has criticized the European Commission because it failed to explain to the member countries what the Brexit deal was. Babiš, along with other V4 PMs, plan to meet European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström to get an explanation of Brexit.
Commentary ‘Timmermansation’ of law

Date of ECJ verdict on Polish judicial reform no accident, says Waszczykowski

The ECJ has set May 23rd, just three days before the EP elections in Poland, as the day on which it will announce its verdict on the rule of law action brought to it by the European Commission. The former Polish foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski sees this as deliberate meddling in the electoral process by the European judiciary.
Commentary Fidesz suspension

EPP punishment of Orban is a compromise not afforded to Poland

The suspension of Fidesz maybe an unprecedented step in the history of the EPP but is still a compromise measure showing that Viktor Orban’s strategy of staying within the EPP has protected Hungary from the kinds of measures taken against Poland, writes Anna Słojewska.
Response to A2/AD

Think tank: Enhanced US presence key to combating Russia

The American Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment (CSBA) recommends that Poland should be the site for the permanent command of a division of the US army, rocket artillery and anti-aircraft defense, logistical support and that this would be an adequate response to Russia’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) strategy on NATO’s eastern flank.

Vodafone Hungary delivers aid to hurricane-hit Mozambique

Led by a Hungarian engineer, the Vodafone Foundation is delivering its Instant Network Emergency Response to hurricane-hit Mozambique.

Czechia happiest nation in Central and Eastern Europe

According to the United Nations' World Happiness Report 2019, Czechs are the happiest nation in the Central and Eastern European region, ranked 20th in the world, followed by Slovakia in 38th place.

Today's EPP would exclude Helmut Kohl

Europe belongs to the Europeans. If a family party denies this, it is no longer worthy of the name "people's party". Helmut Kohl was aware of this, writes columnist László Bertha.

Russia slams Poland over Putin snub on 80th anniversary of WWII

Russia’s foreign ministry has published a statement accusing Poland of falsifying the history of WWII and the post-war period. It’s a reaction to Putin not being invited to attend the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of WWII in Poland this September.

EU fines Google 1.49 billion Euros for advertising monopoly

The European Commission imposed a EUR 1.49 billion (US$1.7 bln) fine for Google abusing its monopoly on online advertising. This brings the total EU fines against the company to EUR 8.2 billion in the last two years.

Fidesz in self-imposed suspension as EPP sets up council of three wise men to review

The European People's Party (EPP) voted with a large majority to launch a review of Hungarian ruling conservative party Fidesz, which in turn has voluntarily suspended its membership for the duration.
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Macron´s ideas for the European Parliament threatened by Brexit

Macron´s dreams about overtaking the European Parliament have been set back due to a postponed Brexit.

Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies to visit the Pope

Radek Vondráček, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, plans a private meeting with the Pope on Friday March 22nd. The essence of the meeting is to discuss the relationship between the state and the church, said Vondráček.

Zeman: Renewables have no future

"I’m not convinced that renewable energy resources have a future, they wouldn’t’ be so widely used if it weren’t for subsidies," said Czech President Miloš Zeman during his visit to the Karlovy Vary region.