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Exclusive: ‘There is something sick in the British system,’ says Polish journalist banned from entering UK

On Oct. 2, you were detained by British border police at Heathrow Airport while on a private trip with your wife and daughter to Oxford, UK. After many hours of detention, you were expelled back to Poland for your views, according to a document that was handed to you on departure. For what views were […]
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Why Meloni’s Brothers of Italy have taken over from Salvini’s League as the leading right-wing party

While those taking part in street protests against the health pass are called fascists by the governing left, Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni are coming to their defense. But the only major party that truly opposes the Italian Chinese-style green pass is Meloni’s Brothers of Italy.

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2022 Presidential Election Emmanuel Macron France Marine Le Pen Zemmour France

Éric Zemmour could be the game-changer for the 2022 elections in France

Will Éric Zemmour be the much-awaited truly conservative and patriotic candidate of a French right-wing electorate that has, up until now, always been betrayed by the center-right party that claimed to represent it?

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EXCLUSIVE: Spain’s government is orchestrating a massive hate campaign against conservatives, says MEP Hermann Tertsch

Remix News conducted an exclusive interview with Spanish conservative MEP Hermann Tertsch. Hermann Tertsch is a journalist, member of the editorial board of La Gaceta de la Iberosfera, and a Vox MEP since 2019. In the 1980s, he worked as the Spanish press agency’s correspondent in Vienne, covering Central and Eastern Europe, and was later El País’ correspondent in Bonn and Warsaw. Starting from the 1990s and until the year 2019, Hermann Tertsch worked with a number of major Spanish media outlets. In the European Parliament, he is a member of the ECR Group and vice-chair of the Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (DLAT).

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Eric Zemmour France freedom of expression Freedom of press freedom of speech France

Éric Zemmour censored in France during run-up to presidential election

As part of a general crackdown on opponents to mass immigration, a private TV channel is forced by the French media authority to get rid of its leading conservative commentator while Generation Identity activists are convicted for criticizing lack of control at the border

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Abortion France freedom of expression Unplanned France

It’s illegal to convince a woman not to have an abortion in France, leaving pro-life activists and media voiceless

A private TV channel airing the true story of a former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist stirs an uproar in France. Macron’s government claims showing the movie is a legal offense.

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Marine Le Pen Emmanuel Macron France Marine Le Pen National Rally Presidential elections Commentary France

Marine Le Pen – Macron’s best guarantee to win in 2022? Commentary

While Marine Le Pen is currently the only political leader in a position to bring some real change in France, she is not a real conservative and her chances in next year’s presidential elections look more slim than ever.

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