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‘A politically correct Disneyland’ – Notre Dame cathedral will be rebuilt in the spirit of wokeness

Recent news about the rebuilding of the fire-ravaged Gothic cathedral has confirmed what many have feared: Emmanuel Macron’s government will not put the historic building back into its original form, but will turn it into a woke educational tourist trap. According to plans published in the Daily Telegraph, those responsible for the renovation of the […]
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Éric Zemmour could be the game-changer for the 2022 elections in France

Will Éric Zemmour be the much-awaited truly conservative and patriotic candidate of a French right-wing electorate that has, up until now, always been betrayed by the center-right party that claimed to represent it?

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After elections in France and Germany, EU will introduce ‘repackaged’ compulsory migrant quotas

Brussels bureaucrats appear to be certain of a radical electoral shift to the left in the largest European member states, and it will then be time to push compulsory migrant quotas, writes Daniel Deme for Remix News

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Éric Zemmour censored in France during run-up to presidential election

As part of a general crackdown on opponents to mass immigration, a private TV channel is forced by the French media authority to get rid of its leading conservative commentator while Generation Identity activists are convicted for criticizing lack of control at the border

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It’s illegal to convince a woman not to have an abortion in France, leaving pro-life activists and media voiceless

A private TV channel airing the true story of a former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist stirs an uproar in France. Macron’s government claims showing the movie is a legal offense.

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Marine Le Pen – Macron’s best guarantee to win in 2022? Commentary

While Marine Le Pen is currently the only political leader in a position to bring some real change in France, she is not a real conservative and her chances in next year’s presidential elections look more slim than ever.

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