‘You dirty white bastard, you won’t do the job, we’ll kill you’ – French building contractor receives anti-White death threat

The Portuguese-born man said he was the victim of a racist death threat

A team of French municipal police. (Sébastien Botella)
By Dénes Albert
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On Thursday, July 4, in the Paris suburb of Évry-Courcouronnes, a building contractor reported to the police that he had been threatened with a handgun by a hooded individual, French news outlet Valeurs Actuelles has learned from a police source.

The events took place early in the morning when the victim was surveying a demolition site to check for any damage. The Portuguese-born contractor claimed to have come face to face with a partially masked individual who threatened him.

“You dirty white bastard, you won’t do the job, we’ll kill you, we’ll burn everything down,” the perpetrator allegedly shouted, before pulling out a pistol and pointing it in the victim’s face. The victim backed away from the gun and ran away.

It is unclear what the suspect’s motive was or whether organized crime is involved at the building site.

The victim told police that the threatening individual appeared to have come in a grey Volkswagen Golf that frequently parked near the site.

In the absence of video surveillance at the scene, the police were unable to identify the vehicle matching this description. A visit to the site yielded no further results.

Although many left-wing activists say anti-White racism does not exist, as Remix News previously reported, polls show that 80 percent of French people believe anti-White racism does exist.

France has been beset with a number of incidents recently that may be only reinforcing the idea that anti-White racism is alive and well in the country, even if Whites remain the dominant ethnic group for now. Just in September, the politician Boris Venon, who is White, resigned from his position as deputy mayor of Mureaux over claims that he had been subjected to “racist” attacks and intimidation.

He indicated that he had suffered “11 attacks” during his tenure, including “death threats” as well as “homophobic and racist insults.” He said that a resident told him, “The White man should leave my city. We are at home here.”

Elite French universities are also accused of promoting anti-White ideologies, and even some of the country’s Christmas markets have begun promoting a “Blacks only” policy. In addition, certain famed artistic pieces such as “Swan Lake” have been banned at the Paris Opera over claims they promote “White supremacy.” All of these incidents and controversies, including the fact that many minority neighborhoods have become dangerous for White people and Jews, appear to be deeply influencing public sentiment on race relations.

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