White council member resigns in France after spate of racist abuse from local community

Boris Venon had been subjected to a number of racist attacks from members of his local community, as some insisted “the White man” should be driven from his home

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Les Mureaux Socialist council member Boris Venon. (Youtube)

A Socialist council member in the small central French town of Les Mureaux has been driven to resign from his position following a series of violent, racist attacks against him within his community.

“Over the past two years — I’m referring to my own personal experience — I have suffered 11 attacks where myself or my family have felt threatened even in our physical integrity, whereas during 12 years I have never experienced episodes of this nature,” Boris Venon told a press conference.

“The nature of these last episodes, I do not hide from you, have been violent and have deeply called into question the link I had with the town and with its inhabitants.”

Venon went on the explain that the attacks against him are proof that Europeans can be subject to racism in their own native countries.

“These episodes, and even more the latest one, were marked by verbal violence from the physical masses going as far as death threats and homophobic and racist insults. ‘The white man must leave my life, we are at home here,’ I heard them say myself before they chased me to the front of my house and threatened me with death,” Venon said. “So yes, citizens of European origin can be the subject of racism.”

On behalf of the local mayor’s office, Deputy Mayor Dieynaba Diop has acknowledged the existence of the problem and called for systemic political responses.

“We are facing insecurity. There are many victims of discrimination, racism, and violence. This is not unique to Les Mureaux, and it must question us collectively. It also requires the support of the State services. We need political answers,” Diop said.

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