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Political discord reaches new heights in Poland, signaling a degeneration of public life

A recent series of incidents during pre-election meetings in Poland has brought attention to the deepening chasm between political parties and a degeneration of civil discourse, reflecting a marked change from political behavior seen over two decades ago. In one instance, Kinga Gajewska, an opposition MP, was temporarily detained by the police during a public […]
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2 YEARS AGOCensus 2021 Demography Mateusz Morawiecki society News Poland

Poland faces challenge of an ageing population combined with a declining birth rate, 2021 census reveals

Statistics Poland (GUS) has presented the preliminary results of last year’s National Population Census, according to which the Polish population dropped by 0.9 percent within 10 years and the number of houses grew by 12.6 percent

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2 YEARS AGOaspirations middle class PiS redistribution of wealth society News Poland

Poland: Conservative government’s economic success story presents unexpected electoral problem

The policy of putting money in people’s pockets that is being pursued by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) has increased aspirations to a better life, with over 70 percent of survey respondents self-categorizing as “middle class”

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