Happier to be living in Poland than in Western Europe: opinion

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I am happy to be living in a country in which all those infected with COVID-19 are treated, and not just those who are “socially useful”, as is the case in Spain.

I’m happy that I am living in a state in which old people can count on assistance from the state and its services when they are ill, rather than being left to their own device, as in many Western European countries.

I am content that, according to data from international bodies, my country is among the leaders of nations that saved people from dying alone.

I take pride in the fact that I live in a country in which the number of fatalities from the pandemic is 29 times lower than in Belgium — the country in where I work — and that Poland has one of the lowest death rates in Europe.

It remains a source of satisfaction that I live in a country in which families are supported with universal child benefits and other social transfers which are the envy of many others and which are now programs that are being replicated.

I am also happy to see that my country supports protection of life at UN summits together with the United States, Brazil and Hungary.

Finally, I am relieved that I live in a country which refuses to carelessly admit migrants from beyond Europe’s borders at the whim of EU elites.

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