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5 reasons the EU will stand behind Poland on the issue of migration

The conflict in Poland over accepting illegal migrants coming from Belarusian territory continues to be heated. In a rare move, EU officials are supporting the Polish government and the actions it has taken to stymie the flood of migrants. European Commission (EC) spokesman Peter Stano recently said that the EC was working closely with Polish […]
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Timmermans is creating conflicts, says Czarnecki

Ryszard Czarnecki, a senior MEP of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) which is part of the European Conservative Reformers in the EP has criticized the EC’s VP Frans Timmermans for his behavior over Polish judicial reforms. In an interview for wpolityce.pl he accuses the EC official of attempting to push Poland around.

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Czarnecki: We are against any immigration from outside of Europe

Former Vice President of the European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki emphasizes that Law and Justice’s (PiS) position on illegal migrants has not changed. “We are AGAINST it and will be AGAINST it!,” writes Czarnecki on Twitter.

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Eurocrats trying to trick Hungary in the European Parliament

Eurocrats are trying to use abstinence from voting against Hungary as they trigger Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty. This trick had been used previously, when voting out Ryszard Czarnecki as Vice President of the European Parliament.

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