Czarnecki: We are against any immigration from outside of Europe

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Many questions had been directed at the Polish government concerning the increase of foreigners arriving in Poland. In a series of tweets, PiS MEP Ryszard Czarnecki responded to these concerns and underlined that the position of the Polish government remains unchanged when it comes to accepting immigrants imposed by the EU. 

“The Polish government and PiS MEPs have not changed their position concerning the influx of illegal immigrants (mostly Muslims) into our country by an inch under pressure from the EU: we are AGAINST it and will be AGAINST it!,” writes Czarnecki on Twitter.

Czarnecki further clarified his comments, arguing that the government is against any immigration coming from outside of Europe to the country. 

“To be precise; we are completely against any immigration from outside of Europe to Poland! That is the position of the government and the public opinion!”

On Monday PiS MP Anna Sobecka asked the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy what are the premises of bringing over workers from Asia to Poland. She also asked what was being done by the ministry to accept Polish repatriates from the East and to stop Polish emigration.

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