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Britain and France strike a deal to suppress migration across the English Channel

Just hours after the United Kingdom announced a record number of refugees arriving across the English Channel, the country’s government agreed to work on the migration issue with France. The United Kingdom will send 62.7 million euros to France to strengthen police patrols on French beaches. “We want to prevent unnecessary deaths at sea,” explained […]
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A non-binding pact is a manipulation

The UN Migration Pact can simply become another threat to a free and wealthy world, it doesn’t matter whether the Pact is binding or not, said the Vice-President of CEVRO Institute and former Czech Ambassador to Israel Tomáš Pojar. Progressivists are trying to reach a global system of redistribution of people — little by little, step by step.

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Czech Republic illegal migration Migration Compact United Nations Commentary

The Migration Pact helps illegal migrants

The recently approved Migration Pact is written in naive language and comes from a time when it was repeated that the wave of migrants heading to Europe were people fleeing war and oppression. It looks as if it was written by a union organization of migrants.

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Czarnecki: We are against any immigration from outside of Europe

Former Vice President of the European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki emphasizes that Law and Justice’s (PiS) position on illegal migrants has not changed. “We are AGAINST it and will be AGAINST it!,” writes Czarnecki on Twitter.

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