A non-binding pact is a manipulation

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Remember the registered partnership and adoption by same-sex couples? What was one of the arguments to appease those who questioned them? That they have nothing to do with marriage nor adoption as such but of course they do. Even though it looked like just a small step, it was an important one.

Now, the same can be applied to the UN Migration Pact, as the most hard-line progressivists wish its path would lead to a global system of people’s redistribution. They wish for global migrant quotas, to put it simply. And, of course, at the expense of the rich and independent, which is quite an Orwellian aspiration.

Do not get me wrong here, homosexuals have a right to live in dignity, and we should help refugees. However, to opt-out from the Pact was the right thing to do.

The US, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Latvia, Australia, Chile, Estonia, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel … maybe Belgium.

Even though there were only 30 countries that didn’t take part in the Marrakesh summit, it seems like we are in good company.

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