Polish scientists identify gene responsible for severe cases of Covid-19 Białystok Covid-19 Discovery Genes Medical University News Poland

Polish scientists identify gene that can lead to more severe cases of Covid-19

Scientists at the Medical University of Bialystok have identified a gene which may be responsible for more severe cases of Covid-19, it has emerged. The findings of a team led by professor Marcin Moniuszko and doctor Mirosław Kwaśniewski will reportedly lead to the creation of a genetic test which will quickly identify whether a patient […]
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Polish Senate Pegasus Krzysztof Brejza Pegasus spyware Polish opposition Polish Senate News Poland

Polish Senate votes in favor of a special commission to investigate alleged use of Pegasus surveillance software to spy on opposition politicians

The opposition-controlled upper house of the Polish parliament has voted in favor of appointing a commission to investigate cases of alleged surveillance using the Pegasus system

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Poland Pegasus Affair Jarosław Kaczyński Krzysztof Brejza Pegasus spyware Polish opposition News Poland

Poll: Majority of Poles demand a quick explanation of Pegasus spyware controversy

According to a poll carried out by United Surveys, only 15 percent of respondents believe that the controversy surrounding alleged surveillance of opposition politicians requires no explanation

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Christianity Court verdict Cross Hospital NHS UK News Poland

‘I am so proud to be a Christian’ – UK court sides with Catholic nurse who faced discrimination over wearing a cross

The Employment Tribunal has ruled in favor of nurse Mary Onuoha who was a victim of harassment and discrimination by her hospital which forbade her to wear a cross and later fired her

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Latin Mass UNESCO Latin Mass Peter Kwasniewski Pope Francis Tridentine Mass UNESCO Commentary Poland

Could UNESCO defend the Traditional Latin Mass better than the Vatican?

The proposal of American theologist Peter Kwasniewski to appeal to UNESCO to save the Latin Mass is a sort of testimony to the chaotic and uncertain atmosphere in the modern Catholic Church, writes columnist Grzegorz Górny

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Via Carpathia Lech Kaczyński Infrastructure Jarosław Kaczyński Lech Kaczyński Via Carpathia News Poland

Kaczyński: €600 billion in infrastructure and energy financing will unite Central and Eastern Europe

More than half a trillion euros is available to unite Central and Eastern Europe through the Via Carpathia project, which is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world

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Confederation rally scandal Auschwitz Confederation Grzegorz Braun Janusz Korwin-Mikke Politics News Poland

Poland: Confederation party unveils controversial banner front of parliament

Members of the Confederation party used a “Vaccination Sets you Free” banner during their anti-vaccination protests which resembled the infamous sign above the entrance to the German death camp Auschwitz

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Dmowski Roundabout Warsaw Mateusz Morawiecki Rafał Trzaskowski Roman Dmowski Women Strike News Poland

‘Something worrying is happening in Warsaw’ – Street named after Polish independence hero renamed ‘Women’s Rights Roundabout’

The Warsaw City Hall plans to rename a central roundabout named after Polish independence hero Roman Dmowski to the “Women’s Rights Roundabout”

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Belarus Poland Air Traffic Controller Ryanair Belarus Hijacking Roman Protasevich Ryanair flight News Poland

Minsk air traffic controller who escaped from Belarus reveals details about grounded Ryanair plane in May

According to a Belarusian air traffic controller, the grounding of the Ryanair aircraft carrying opposition activist Roman Protasevich was an operation prepared and conducted by Belarusian services

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Poland Syrian smuggler released by court Belarus Belarusian services illegal migrants Stanisław Żaryn News Poland

Polish defense ministry: Belarusian intelligence services instructing migrants on how to illegally cross border

The Polish defense ministry says published photos of notes found on detained migrants provides evidence that Belarusian officers are teaching migrants how to illegally breach the Polish border

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Conservatism fascism Liberal press liberalism Warsaw summit Commentary Crime Poland

Europe’s liberal press claims ‘fascists’ met at Warsaw Summit

The left and liberal press is looking to inflict maximum damage when it calls the leaders of the conservative and right-wing parties who met in Warsaw “fascists,” writes Małgorzata Wołczyk for Polish news portal Dorzeczy.pl

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