Spanish police failure: Inability or reluctance?

Several hundred migrants have managed to cross the Moroccan-Spanish border into the Ceuta enclave. So far, the Spanish police have failed to prevent them from crossing the borders…

editor: REMIX NEWS

“The events in Ceuta are another example of how we can not protect the borders of Europe even from the wacky crowd of civilians. Although we have Frontex to protect the borders, the agency works more like a travel agency on the Libya-Italy route,“ says security expert Lumír Němec.

Němec reminded us of the recent uprisings during elections in Catalonia. In comparison to that he wondered why the police were not afraid to use tear gas or batons. “It is strange that the same police are unable to stop maddened crowd of migrants with bags of quicklime and excrement,“ he said.

He called for the border to be defended and with the appropriate intensity necessary for the situation and also named Hungary or Israel as a good example of how borders can be successfully protected.


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