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39% of murders in Germany committed by foreigners

The proportion of non-Germans convicted of murder rose from 29.27 percent ​​to…

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Sweden: Ethiopian family members arrested for suspected honor killing in Stockholm

A 46-year-old woman and two young men are in custody as suspects…


France: Nigerian squatters terrorize 60 residents into leaving their homes in Marseille

About 60 tenants have been driven out of their homes by illegal…

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After Muslim riots in Sweden, Swedish PM says integration has failed, immigrants fuel gang crime

Sweden has failed to integrate the large numbers of migrants the country…

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France: Colombian arrested for stabbing 18-year-old girl in her throat

A 34-year-old Colombian was taken into custody for the Feb. 5 after…

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Number of immigrants in Portuguese public schools is up 47% in two years

The number of immigrants attending public schools in Portugal has increased by…

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Afghan felons should be expelled from Germany, conservative chancellor candidate says

Afghan immigrants who committed crimes should be expelled from Germany, according to…

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Sweden reports a rise in sex offences against teen girls

Kubera's death was a shock to Czech politicians and the public.

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Report: Political correctness led to Asian gang grooming UK children with impunity

British authorities failed to stop the gang operating in Manchester

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Czechia prepares to reintroduce border checks

Doghouses with a Scandinavian design sell for €900 apiece.

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Syria demands six times more money for Czechia-funded orphanage

Recession could spell serious trouble for V4 countries.

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Italy’s PM threatens to veto EU budget

According to PM Andrej Babiš, the government is criticizing the EU when…

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Hunt for migrants and protests in Germany

We have lost three years through pointless debate, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš…

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Spain main target of immigrants

It is in line with Hungarian military doctrine and practice and is…

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Spanish police failure: Inability or reluctance?

Landslide win in village where prime minister Viktor Orbán grew up and…

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