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Europe’s new migrant crisis: Czechia asks EU for help after illegal immigration surges 1,200% in one year

As Europe reels from a new migrant crisis, Czechia is one of the EU countries seeing the most dramatic increase in illegal border crossings over previous years, prompting the government to demand EU intervention. “What we are experiencing is unprecedented. The annual increase in migration to Czechia is 1,200 percent. That is a situation that […]
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Czech Republic immigrants Italy Luigi Di Maio News
5 YEARS AGOCzech Republic immigrants Italy Luigi Di Maio News

Italy’s PM threatens to veto EU budget

“Above all, there is no dogma about approving the Multiannual Financial Framework of the next seven years,“ Luigi Di Maio wrote on Facebook. He pointed out that Brussels will insist on the approval of the budget in a hurry before the next European election and that is something that Italy will not allow.

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