Spain main target of immigrants

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Since the beginning of 2018, a staggering 26,500 migrants have reached Spain through the African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

There are several reasons for the sudden rise in migrant numbers, including the closing of alternate routes, changes in the approach of Italy and Malta and the good weather. While the numbers are not comparable with the peak of the migration crisis, the issue could play a central role in the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2020. This is one of the biggest fears of the European Union. “We cannot allow to lose Spain,” an official of the European Commission stated recently.

The immigration strategy of Spain could change due to Pablo Casaldo, the new leader of the People’s party who criticized the socialist government for their permissive policy towards the migrants. “They can’t all get papers and with millions of Africans trying to get to Europe the concept of the welfare state is not sustainable,” Casado wrote on Twitter.

DenníkN also warns about the fragility of the Spanish government which has 84 seats out of 350 in the Congress of Deputies. In case of a crisis the possibility of early elections could not be excluded. DenníkN mentions that despite Spain not being affected so far by “xenophobic and nationalistic” rhetoric and the anti-immigrant Vox party has gained 1.57 percent of the votes in the last elections to the European Parliament, the change within the People’s party will affect the political communication in the country. Several cities have reported problems with immigrants in the past.

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