Hunt for migrants and protests in Germany

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Protests took place in the German town of Chemnitz. The reason of the tension is a quarrel that ended up with the murder of a German citizen. The suspects are two men from Iraq and Syria, who have been detained by the court.

Due to the protests of right-wing radicals who declaim slogans such as “We are the nation” and attack immigrants, the City Hall prematurely cancelled local town festivals.

The events in the city were sharply criticized by the German Federal Government. “What happened in Chemnitz yesterday, and what is visible on some records, does not have a place in our state,” government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Monday. Attacks were also condemned by opposition politicians. Some of them doubt that the Saxon authorities still have the situation under control.

Organization RAA Sachsen, which helps victims of right-wing violence, has called on migrants to avoid the Chemnitz centre. There is a threat of further violence.

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