Report: Political correctness led to Asian gang grooming UK children with impunity

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According to a 145-page report released last week, the Manchester Police had a chance to take action more than 15 years ago to break up a gang of Asian men preying on young and underage girls, with the report fueling the debate on the topic of migration in Great Britain.

The authorities were aware of nearly 100 “persons of interest” who, hidden behind the curtain of takeout restaurants, were raping and abusing children between the ages of 11 and 17.

The report details how issues surrounding political correctness led the investigation of sexual abuse to be shelved, leading to a failure of Britain’s justice system.

The report says the offenders were lurking around care homes and foster homes in cars as they preyed upon the vulnerable child victims.

“There was clear evidence that professionals at the time were aware these young people were being sexually exploited, and that this was generally perpetrated by a group of older Asian men,” the report says, adding that the police did not use the available evidence to pursue the gang.

The report says the victims were “young white females” but does not specify the religious or national identities of the Asian perpetrators.

However, former detective, Margaret Oliver, a whistleblower in the case, and one of the authors of the report, described the men as having Pakistani heritage. She said they operated in those parts of Manchester with a high concentration of curry and kebab stores.

The review was commissioned in 2017 by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and describes how the men took girls from the homes, offered them drugs, and abused them at “sex parties.”

It even includes shocking stories of the girls who begged their carers to get away from Manchester because the Asian men “made them do things they did not want to”.

Greater Manchester Police launched Operation Augusta to investigate allegations of grooming after the death of rape victim Victoria Agoglia, a 15-year-old girl in care who died from a suspected heroin overdose in 2003. The Manchester Evening News reports that Mohammed Yaqoob, 50, was responsible for injecting her with the drug and was later jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Despite the operation identifying at least 57 children being exploited and 97 suspects, “very few” potential offenders were ever arrested or tried in court, and the operation was eventually shut down in 2005 because of a perceived need “to remove the resources” even though investigative leads in the case had not been pursued to completion, according to the report.

In what appears to be a disastrous instance of political correctness, the report details how one of the major factors why the police did not act was apparently concerns about racism and even fears the investigation would lead to “the incitement of racial hatred”.

An unidentified officer in the report said that he was told to focus on one non-Asian male that detectives had discovered was involved to the exclusion of other Asian suspects, with the officer saying the role of mostly Asian men led to racism fears and that officers “were told to try and get other ethnicities”.

On Tuesday, current Chief Constable Ian Hopkins apologized to those who he said were “let down” by police not investigating the offenses committed against them and promised to do all he can to ensure the victims receive the justice they were denied 15 years ago.

The case is one of numerous grooming cases in Great Britain, in which gangs of Asian men have been arrested in large numbers and convicted for conspiracy to rape and other charges related to the abuse of underage girls.

PM Orbán has warned about the dangers of political correctness

The role of migration played a major role in why the British chose Brexit, a fact supported by polling, and the grooming cases played a major role over fears of different cultures operating in Britain.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a notable advocate for secure borders and restrictive immigration policies, warned in 2018 about the dangers of unchecked migration tied to political correctness.

“The main question asks whether we are allowed to say out loud that among the migrants, ‘there is a strikingly large number of criminals’ who threaten the security of Europeans,” Orbán said.

The Hungarian prime minister later in the same interview tied to the issue of migrants to Brexit, saying, “Brussels failed to keep migrants out and therefore failed to keep the Brits in.”

He has also touched on the topic of political correctness within Hungary itself in previous years.

“The Hungarian people by nature are politically incorrect, i.e., they haven’t lost their sanity. They are not interested in nonsense, they are interested in facts. They want results, not theories,” Orbán said in 2015 during the migrant crisis.

In Britain, thousands of women have been abused in total across the country, with the Rotherham gang alone responsible for at least 1,500 victims.

Title image: 17 arrests made in separate grooming incident in Newcastle, Great Britain.

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