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Germany: Kids forced to eat vegetarian school lunches in Freiburg after meat gets canceled, move sparks fury among parents who have to pay even more for meals

Staring next school year, children in municipal daycare centers and elementary schools in the German city of Freiburg will only be able to eat vegetarian food and also have to pay more for school meals, but not everyone is happy about the change. The decision to enforce a strictly vegetarian diet on schoolchildren came after […]
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7M AGOAbogados Cristianos Children LGBT Spain Interview Remix Exclusive Spain Trending

Hungary-style child protection law very much needed in Spain, says leader of Spanish lawyers’ organization

In an exclusive interview, Spanish lawyer Polonia Castellanos explains why a child protection law like the one in Hungary is very much needed elsewhere in Europe, even if it means having to support unlawful sanctions from Brussels. “As a mother, if I have to choose between my children being indoctrinated or the EU sanctioning my country, I would prefer a sanction on my country,” she says

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