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Poland: Parents with 7 children now add quintuplets to their family after successful birth in Kraków hospital

One mother gave birth to three boys and two girls at the University Hospital in Kraków on Feb. 12, an event that ended up warranting a press conference. All five children are in stable condition, given their premature birth, and will join their older siblings in three months. The children weigh from 710 to 1,400 […]
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Hungary-style child protection law very much needed in Spain, says leader of Spanish lawyers’ organization

In an exclusive interview, Spanish lawyer Polonia Castellanos explains why a child protection law like the one in Hungary is very much needed elsewhere in Europe, even if it means having to support unlawful sanctions from Brussels. “As a mother, if I have to choose between my children being indoctrinated or the EU sanctioning my country, I would prefer a sanction on my country,” she says

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