Hungary-style child protection law very much needed in Spain, says leader of Spanish lawyers’ organization

By Olivier Bault
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Why is a Christian lawyers’ organization actually needed in Spain?

The Spanish Christian Lawyers’ Foundation Abogados Cristianos was created in 2008 as an association in the face of an escalation of attacks against crosses and religious freedom, as well as in the face of how abortion was being increasingly promoted. We thought things were going wrong. And now, in 2022, our organization is even more necessary as things are much, much worse.

In Spain, efforts are being made to extend abortion without limit, euthanasia has been made legal, every year there are more attacks on crosses, there are attacks against priests and members of religious orders, and now children are being targeted in an attempt at imposing a pernicious ideology on them and indoctrinate them.

Abogados Cristianos has published a report in English on LGBTI indoctrination, which is done with sometimes very crude, almost pornographic content in the schools of some Spanish cities and towns where there are left-wing governments. Why did you publish it in English? Do you think it is important to alert societies in other European countries to what is happening in Spanish schools?

Yes, this is exactly it, because what is happening to children in Spain, the way they are being indoctrinated, with the authorities considering taking them away from their parents when they do not want to allow such indoctrination, is something we do not want to happen to other children in Europe and throughout the world. We want to alert the parents of children from other countries about what the LGBTI lobby and gender ideology mean. That it is not about defending anyone, homosexuals or anyone else, but only about indoctrinating children and separating them from families, and creating people who are lonely, who are lost, and who can be manipulated.

Don’t you think that these leaflets encouraging students to masturbate and try homosexual sex are in line with the WHO sex education standards for Europe, which were published in 2010 by a German institute?

Indeed, what is happening in Spain is not something isolated. Some countries are lucky and things are not going as bad as in Spain, but there is a globalist strategy that aims to attack all children equally and indoctrinate them, promote abortion and the murder of babies, and encourage the murder of the elderly or the sick through euthanasia. What is going on in Spain is part of a global strategy. That is why it is important that we realize what is happening to protect our countries, to protect our families, and to protect our children.

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There have even been resolutions voted by the European Parliament to criticize Poland for not applying the WHO’s Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. For a majority of MEPs, those standards are a model that should be applied throughout the EU just as is happening in Spain.

Yes, indeed. The founding principles of the European Union are Christian principles because the fathers of the European Union were Christians, and what the EU is doing now is going against its own founding principles. It is acting against its very essence.

If the European Union wants to intervene in its member countries’ internal regulations even though it is theoretically not allowed to do so, it should leave countries like Poland and Hungary alone and intervene in countries like Spain where the government has been intending to manipulate the judiciary to break the law at will.

I am looking forward to the European Union committing itself to intervene in Spain, where very serious things are happening, and not in countries that function well.

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In Spain, it seems that this is not only a problem with left-wing governments. The LGBTI law of the Madrid region was adopted by the center-right Popular Party (PP) and it fosters the same kind of indoctrination in schools.

Yes, indeed. The problem we have in Spain, apart from the government not complying with the law, is that people are afraid and often act cowardly. And they are okay to let their children be indoctrinated or eventually be taken away from them. I believe this is one of the biggest problems we have both among citizens and within political parties. It is a problem of cowardice and fear. John Paul II said, “Do not be afraid.” And I believe that we should not be afraid when what we defend at Abogados Cristianos and in the pro-life movement is that children should be respected, that their childhood should be respected, and that life should be respected.

Abogados Cristianos blocked this type of LGBTI indoctrination law in the Castile and León region when the PP was governing with the liberal-centrist party Ciudadanos.

Yes, that regional government imposed an LGBTI protocol that sought to indoctrinate children and fight parents who opposed such indoctrination, and even limit our parental rights and take away our children. Then Abogados Cristianos took action and fortunately we won. Because what they were saying from the regional government is that they wanted to experiment with children, but children are not laboratory mice to be experimented on, and what we must do is respect them.

Also in the Madrid region, we at Abogados Cristianos won a judgment in which a therapist, a coach, had been ordered to pay €20,000 for performing reversal therapies for homosexuals. Her patients were homosexuals who had freely come to her practice. A sanction was imposed because, according to the regional government, homosexuals cannot undergo any kind of therapy. A heterosexual can undergo therapy to become homosexual, but not the other way around. So, we put the case to the courts, and we won that too.

In another city in Spain, there is a case of very crude books which incite students to homosexual sex without any limitations, which have been authorized by a court of appeal based on the LGBTI law of the Valence region. Abogados Cristianos has therefore appealed the Valence LGBTI law before Spain’s Constitutional Court.

They are books that incite sodomy and things that are totally inappropriate for minors. We are talking about books that say how fantastic it can be to have sex with drugs, sex without love, group sex, homosexual sex, and so on. When parents called us saying that such content was supposed to be given to their children from the age of eleven, we at Abogados Cristianos requested that those books be withdrawn and we won. But they changed the judge so that a new judge could tell us that we were not right. We have appealed and are awaiting a ruling. If the judge tells us that distributing books that incite sodomy, sex with drugs or group sex to eleven-year-old children should be allowed on the basis of the LGBTI law of the Valence region, then we have to act against such a law as it allows for barbarities that go against the Spanish Constitution, that go against common sense and that go against children.

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Since last year in Hungary, there has been a law protecting minors against the kind of LGBTI indoctrination seen in Spain, which Abogados Cristianos describes in its report “The Spanish Experience.” The European Commission has been blocking Hungary’s Next Generation EU recovery funds because of that law. Despite this, don’t you think that a law like in Hungary would be good for other EU countries, including Spain?

Yes, it would be good. And also, as a mother, if I have to choose between my children being indoctrinated or the European Union sanctioning my country, I would prefer a sanction on my country and that they leave my children in peace because I believe that for all parents, children are what matters most.

What the European Union is doing actually goes against the treaties and fundamental rights, and against the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. What it is doing is acting against its own legal norms and against international conventions and treaties that are binding and that Hungary has to apply. Countries like Hungary and Poland are the ones which do apply European law with respect to children’s rights, with respect to the right to life, with respect to many enshrined rights. So what the European Union now wants is for some countries to break their own laws when those who are truly breaking EU laws are governments such as the Spanish government.  

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