Scottish school encouraged boys to wear skirts to promote equality

While the school pushes boys and girls to both wear skirts, some parents are pushing back

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In this Friday, Sept. 3, 2021 file photo, pupils at Covid test station as they entered their new secondary school for the first time at Wales High school, Sheffield, England. (AP Photo/Rui Vieira, file)

Progressive ideologies are seeping deeper into education, with Castleview Primary School in Edinburgh serving as the latest example.

The school invited its pupils and teachers to come to school in skirts on Nov. 4, including boys and men. The aim was to “promote equality.” The event was met with criticism from some parents and the general public, the Daily Mail reported.

The impetus for the call for students of all genders to wear skirts comes from Spain, where student Mikel Gomez was expelled from school in Bilbao in October 2020 because he arrived at school in a skirt. At that time, his teachers also started going to school wearing skirts to support him. Nov. 4 then became the day of “wearing skirts to school” in Spain.

The email sent to the parents by the Scottish school mentioned that it should not be uncomfortable for the students to take part in the event and that they may wear pants under their skirts. The school also offered to provide skirts to those students who did not have them.

Some students even made paper skirts during their class.

However, wearing skirts met with resistance from some parents and the general public.

“My son is five and just got this (email) from the school! Let kids be kids,” said one of the mothers of a student at Castleview, according to Daily Mail.

“If I were a parent, I would refuse to have my child used as an object of a political campaign,” says one of the Twitter posts on the topic.

“We’re keen to spread the message that clothes don’t have a gender and that we should all be free to express ourselves as we choose,” the teachers responded to the criticism.

However, the city council stated that the pupils did not have to attend the event if they did not want to.

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