VIDEO: Naked adults shown to children on Danish TV show sparks international backlash

Award-winning television series sparks backlash for adult nudity presented to young children

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author: John Cody

A show in Denmark that exhibits naked adult bodies to children between the ages of 11 and 13 is facing international backlash after a clip from the show surfaced on social media. 

The Danish television series, which translates to “Ultra Strip Down”, is supposedly a children’s show. In the clip seen on social media, five adults completely undress in front of a children audience and then answer questions from the children on a range of topics

Among the guests was also a transgender person who told the children, “[I’m] not a boy, not a girl, I’m a bit of everything,” Origo reported.

 The creator of the series claims he is trying to teach children with naked adults that the human body must be accepted in every way. The show has even won a number of awards at Denmark’s TV show festival and has received popular acclaim from a range of critics. 

The aim of the show, called Ultra Smider Toyet in Danish, is allegedly to teach children how to think positively about their body image. The five naked five adults on each show answer any question that children have about their bodies, including their genitals.  

Conservative activist Obianuju Ekeocha tweeted: “The show claims to teach kids about different body types by exposing them to naked adults. Why? Why are there now so many pushing to destroy children?”


Another person wrote on Twitter, “The Danish ‘children’s’ show, ‘Ultra Strips Down’, claims it teaches kids about body types by having ADULTS STRIP NAKED right before their eyes! The assault on children is real, it’s global and it’s intentional.”

Ultra Smider Toyet presenter, Jannik Schow, said many people were outraged at the show for showing nudity and children together, however, according to him, it is not about gender and sex, but about teaching kids that the human body should be accepted in every way.

“Perhaps some people are like, ‘Oh, my God, they are combining nakedness and kids’, but this has nothing to do with sex, it’s about seeing the body as natural, the way kids do,“ he said.

The fact that the show won awards at the Danish television festival was sharply protested by Danish People’s Party politician Peter Skaarup, who said the show chose an extremely vulgar way to teach children about genitals.

However, the network has already commissioned a second season of the award-winning series.

Title image: A printscreen from the TW Show Ultra Strips Down (Ultra Strips down)


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