Meet Jana and Jiri Novak, typical Czechs in 2019

editor: REMIX NEWS

Statistics show, among other things, that more than 100,000 people are going to enter into marriage and more than 110,000 children will be born.

George´s salary could be more than 34,000 crowns this year, Jane will have a lower salary by one fifth. As of January, their parents´ pension increased by CZK 900 to CZK 13,200 a month. “Wages may rise by an average of seven percent,” David Navrátil, chief economist at Česká spořitelna, thinks and adds that an average gross salary will be 33,000 a month.

Children born in 2019 will live 30 years longer than children born a hundred years ago, boys will live 76 years, girls will probably celebrate their 81st birthday. The mostly used names for boys will probably again be Jakub (James), Jan (John) or Adam, for girls Eliška, Sofia and Anna.

Each Czech consumes on average 27 kilograms of poultry meat and 42 kilograms of pork per year. And about 250 eggs and 39 kilograms of bread.


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