Hungarian opposition to hold joint EP list

Hungarian opposition parties promise a joint list for the upcoming European elections. The ruling conservative Fidesz says it will be a “Soros-approved”list.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Hungarian opposition parties that have organized a series of small-scale protests in recent weeks around the issue of what they call the “slave law” are gearing up for a joint list for the May European Parliament elections.

Csaba Molnár, president of the opposition Socialists called for unity ahead of the EP and Hungarian municipal elections next year. The opposition has found a joint cause in the amendment of the labor law passed last December, which increases the annual allowed overtime to 400 hours from a previous 250.

While government officials have repeatedly said that the overtime will not be mandatory and overtime payment will continue on a monthly basis, the opposition uses the “slave law” as a rallying call and László Kordás, head of the Hungarian Trade Unions’ Association said they will hand their demands to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday and if those are not met, they will launch nationwide protests.

So far, the most supported five opposition parties have indicated their willingness to have a joint EP list. Fidesz caucus leader Máté Kocsis said the list would be one approved by billionaire George Soros and only supporters of migration will be allowed on the list.

“There will be two lists for the EP elections: one where people can vote for the (ruling) Fidesz-KDNP coalition and one of the pro-migrants,” Kocsis said. 


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