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Endless claims of ‘fascist’ and ‘post-fascist’: Emotional reactions in European mainstream media after Meloni’s victory in Italy

Italy’s election results were the main topic for many newspapers across the continent on Monday morning. Those on the left — by far the most numerous — sometimes bordered on hysteria, while those on the right — quite rare in Western Europe outside the sphere of alternative media — were delighted. In France, Italy’s neighboring […]
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Italy still open to illegal immigration but things could change after Sept. 25 elections

With 900 migrants disembarked in 24 hours and more than 1,000 others waiting on NGO ships, Italians must feel like they have returned to the worst moments of 2015-17 when the governing left seemed totally powerless in the face of mass immigration from Africa

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France’s elections, not Hungary’s, deserve an OSCE observer mission

What Hungary’s left-wing opposition coalition had to endure in the Hungarian parliamentary elections was nothing compared to the way Marine Le Pen and her National Rally were treated in the French presidential election, writes Olivier Bault for Remix News

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1 YEAR AGOBorys Budka Civic Platform elections Jarosław Kaczyński Law and Justice Poland poll Szymon Hołownia News

Poll: Poland’s leading conservative party is surging among voters

With 40 percent of support among voters, the United Right is polling the highest it has in several months, according to the latest survey by Institute for Social Research and Market (IBRiS)

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Talks in PiS on earlier parliamentary elections

In the face of the KNF corruption scandal and municipal elections outcome, Law and Justice (PiS) has a tough year ahead of them. Zuzanna Dąbrowska of “Rzeczpospolita” analyses the question of whether PiS might combine the upcoming European Parliament (EP) elections with the parliamentary elections in 2019.

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Survey: PiS are six points up, PO are seven points down

A catastrophic poll for the Polish opposition has been revealed. PiS is predicted to win 42 percent of the votes in the next parliamentary elections and Civic Platform (PO) only 20 percent. This is a 6 point increase for the ruling party and a 7 point decrease for the main opposition, polling agency Kantar Public reveals.

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