Elderly Attacks Moroccan National Robbery Sexual assault Termoli Crime Italy News

Italy: Moroccan man accused of robbing and raping 80-year-old woman in her home

Following several months of investigations, Italian police have arrested a 28-year-old Moroccan man who’s believed to have robbed and raped an elderly woman in Termoli, a fishing town on the Adriatic coast. The suspect, who at this point has yet to be named, was arrested last week in the city of Florence after officers from […]
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Brothers of Italy Georgia Meloni health pass Illegal Immigration Italy League Matteo Salvini Italy

Why Meloni’s Brothers of Italy have taken over from Salvini’s League as the leading right-wing party

While those taking part in street protests against the health pass are called fascists by the governing left, Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni are coming to their defense. But the only major party that truly opposes the Italian Chinese-style green pass is Meloni’s Brothers of Italy.

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Abuse of office Domenico Lucano illegal migration Mayor of Riace Salvini Italy News

Italy: Pro-migration mayor jailed for 13 years for aiding illegal migration, abuse of office, and fraud

The former pro-migrant mayor of Riace in southern Italy has been convicted of a range of crimes, including arranging
“marriages of convenience” between migrants and Italian nationals

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