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New German battle tanks could soon be part-made in Czechia as manufacturers close in on lucrative defense contract

The Czech defense industry is eyeing up a major contract to manufacture…

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Ukraine begins mass production of copied Russian kamikaze drone

Ukraine is already mass-producing a self-developed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with an…

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Hungarian Air Force begins testing Brazilian military cargo plane

Hungary has begun testing the Brazilian-made Embraer KC-390 military cargo plane at…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

Serbia agrees to buy France’s Rafale fighter aircraft

Serbia plans to purchase French Rafale fighter jets after Serbian President Aleksandar…

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To counter Russia, Germany begins sending 5,000 troops to Lithuania

Germany has established a military base in Lithuania to deter Russia from…

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NATO kicks off Black Sea-Danube Delta exercise labeled Sea Shield 24

NATO has launched its second major exercise this year in the vicinity…

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