Tusk: I’ll pressure the media to broadcast pro-abortion film

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
3 Min Read

Donald Tusk, the leader of the largest opposition party in Poland, has told a public meeting in the southern town of Pszczyna that he would put pressure on the country’s commercial TV networks to show a pro-abortion film that was made in protest of the constitutional court’s ruling making eugenic abortions illegal.

Tusk was asked whether he had actually seen the film. He claimed that not only had he seen it he had been involved in its production, although he did not explain the nature of his involvement. The former liberal prime minister offered to help get the film shown on Poland’s commercial television networks Polsat and TVN.

The film, “No One Should Know,” was financed through Norway grants in Poland and by funding sources in Iceland and Liechtenstein. The film is a documentary showing the views of doctors, midwives and psychiatrists and presents real-life stories of women and their families. It was made from a clear pro-choice point of view. 

In answering a question, the Civic Platform (PO) leader said that he hoped the film would change the way people think about abortion. Tusk stopped mid-sentence after stating, “When I am deciding on what is broadcast on public TV…“ Perhaps he suddenly remembered that his parliamentary party has supported a bill to liquidate the public channel TVP Info and has also accused the ruling conservatives of using public television for propaganda.

Tusk therefore turned to commercial media. He said that he had contacts at both TVN and Polsat and promised to ask why they had not shown the documentary. He also said that if they refused to show it they should feel “ashamed.”

Civic Platform (PO) has recently changed its stance on abortion. It now supports abortion on demand before the end of the third month of pregnancy. During the meeting in Pszczyna, Tusk said that if the change of legislation proved impossible through either a lack of parliamentary majority or a presidential veto, he would ensure that any government he headed would make abortions possible. 

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